DB Elettronica Turns 40

For DB Elettronica, it was serendipitous that the company’s ownership was consolidated into one
owner, even as it is celebrating 40 years in the industry.

Following these events, a new logo has been introduced to represent the DB Group of companies and
brands. The logo reinforces the group’s image and serves as a point of reference for broadcasters who
need turnkey solutions.

“The markets today are growing their requirements worldwide,” said Guglielmo Feliziani, DB
Elettronica  owner. “They are requesting more specifications and better quality of products and
services. To do that, one needs to structure better and become more specialized to the needs of

DB Elettronica supplies the radio and TV industries, providing solid-state technologies for
analog/digital  FM radio and television, high-power IOT amplification, analog/digital microwave links,
remote control  and management systems, antennas and accessories.

This year, DB Elettronica introduced the Mozart Wi-Fi Touch transmitter remote control and studio
turnkey solutions by DM Broadcast. The company is known for pioneering Cold- Fet technology, and
has now developed a HIADC technology to improve the signal quality of its TV transmitters both in
analog and in digital transmissions.