Eight Things That Caught My Eye In the South Upper Hall

It was easy to get lost in the infinite rotating tunnel at Bridge Technologies.

The South Upper Hall is a bustling, entrepreneurial space that includes industry giants like Avid and Blackmagic Design, as well as startups with a dream and a business plan. Here are the things that caught my eye — or at least got my attention — in the South Upper Hall.

❶ Razzle Dazzle

The displays at Kino-Mo are the strangest thing you’ll see at NAB Show. Created by spinning strings of LEDs, they dazzle in a way that stops traffic and draws you close.

❷ Fashionable Displays

Speaking of displays, if you are a display manufacturer, you might as well pull out all the stops for NAB Show. That’s what Samsung did — the wall of fashion products on 4K displays is particularly eye-catching.

❸ Get Your Coffee Fix

I don’t know if the coffee or sandwiches were any good, but the food kiosk with the coolest name is Steampunk Joe’s Espresso Cart. People were lined up for it, so maybe it has more than just a tasty name.

❹ Shirt Circuit

While we’re on the topic of “cool” and “fashion,” the jungle print shirts at the DVEO booth are worth seeing. If you ask nicely, maybe you’ll get the shirt off their back.

❺ I Can See for Miles

A rotating mirror tunnel at Bridge Technologies will leave you in a hypnotic daze. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait your turn to stand front and center.

❻ Mirror, Mirror …

… on the wall, which is the prettiest booth of all? My choice for the most beautiful booth in the South Upper Hall is Vimeo. It combines monochromatic colors and spheres to draw you in. You might not want to leave.

❼ But What About the Products?

Having a pretty booth is one thing, but a beautiful display for your products is another. My choice for the most attractive product presentation is at Sumavision.

❽ Give Your Feet a Break

The winner of the lushest, most comfortable carpet in the South Upper Hall is Media Links. Close runner-ups are Avid, Vimeo, Decimator Design and Tektronix. Stop by any of them if your feet need a break.