Ericsson Outlines Strategy

In a Tuesday NAB Show press conference, Ericsson presented its strategy for guiding content
providers through the future of television.

Along with new product and service announcements, Simon Frost, head of media marketing
and communications, said the company will navigate the future as a service provider
harnessing strategic technologies.

“We are in a state of disruption in the industry,” Frost said. “And Ericsson aims to provide
insight and technology to help our customers know where to go.”

Frost referred to the “Internet era of television” as the disruptive force that requires innovative
content management services to accompany evolving hardware solutions.

A specific example is Ericsson’s launch of Cloud DVR, a high-capacity video storage and
processing platform. Citing research that predicts that viewers will soon receive 50 percent of
their television content via on-demand platforms, Ericsson is concentrating on developing
systems to unify the content-to-consumer chain. Cloud DVR allows for seamless replacement
of legacy TV services with new cloud-based services. It is powered by the Ericsson Video
Storage and Processing Platform, which includes massive storage capacity and harnesses
software that manages everything from storage to playout and billing. The solution can be
custom-configured for each individual customer.