Evertz Offers 10G Networking Products

Sunday at NAB Show, Evertz unveiled its latest innovations. The company’s theme this year is
Software  Defined Video Networking (SDVN). According to Mo Goyal, Evertz’s director of product
marketing, HD/UHD content is rapidly moving from SDI to IP for production, switching,
management and  distribution. To handle that content, 10G networking products from Evertz have

For overall network management and control, Evertz introduced the Magnum orchestration and
control  system, with more than 500 installations. For encapsulating audio, video and metadata over
IP, Evertz  offers ASPEN, along with a variety of gateway products (SDI to IP), including the 570 IPG
and the  7890MG.

Goyal explained, “To make the transition from SDI to IP as painless as possible for media
professionals, we use familiar terms like ‘source,’ ‘destination’ and ‘take’ with our controllers.”

For interoperability, Evertz has partnered with Sony and that company’s IP Live Production System.
Goyal said the collaboration between Evertz and Sony is a great fit for complimentary products and
serves to promote the industry-wide transition from SDI to IP.

Evertz also announced new features for the DreamCatcher replay/production suite, the 7881IRD —
Evertz’s  latest IP-centric IRD — and the new XPRF14 router/matrix switch, with up to 128×128 for
signals from 850  MHz to 2.3 GHz.