Five Things That Caught My Eye in the Central Hall

Now you can get a protective membrane cover for your favorite SLR.

The NAB Show continues to anticipate trends in broadcasting and content production, but although there’s a lot of discussion about “virtualization” and the cloud, we also rely largely on tangible items such as transmitters, cameras, lenses, camera support equipment, video/audio monitors, intercoms, lights, studio furniture and the like. The LVCC’s Central Hall has a mixture of all of these, with long-established and first-time exhibitors showing their wares.

Here are just a few of the things that caught my eye.

Form Follows Function
Perhaps the biggest (and brightest) was at the ROE Visual booth. (Actually, the display was the booth.) These displays are tailored to fit the customer’s needs. The 4K, 10 x 20-foot sample being shown was stunning.

Ever see oversized electronic Legos? (Actually they’re module simulations made with a 3D printer.) The company displaying these eye-catchers — Image Matters — is in the business of producing signal processing modules that are sold to other manufacturers and can be software-tailored to a specific application.

Up in the Air
Production trucks, vans and even helicopters fitted out for image capture have been around for years at NAB Shows, but have you ever seen a gyrocopter? The one at the combination Dynamic Perspective/Autogyro booth was responsible for a lot of head-turning.

Camera Coat
Cellphone protective covers have been around for ages. Here’s a twist: These are protective membranelike custom-fitted covers for SLR cameras and supplied in a variety of colors and styles, including camouflage. They were definitely an attention-getter at the International Supplies booth.

International Hall of Products
This year, several pavilions in the Central Hall are featuring goods and equipment from specific countries or regions, including Korea and Germany. These pavilions amount to a “show within a show,” with exhibitors eager to strike up a conversation about both their products and their homelands.