Five Things That Caught My Eye North Hall

Live radio broadcasting from the Esports Experience at the Beasley XP booth.

The constant evolution of the North Hall continues. And if things continue in the present direction, it might have to be renamed the Fun Hall.

1. The Sporting Chance

Probably the most visible new element is the addition of the Esports Experience, a venue promoting broadcasting’s burgeoning relationship with electronic gaming sports. Close to the Futures Park, the Esports Experience has a stage for news and presentations, and an area where “professional” gamers participate in live-action video games. A notable denizen of the Esports Experience is Beasley Media Group’s new esports division, Beasley XP. They are broadcasting live from the booth during NAB Show.

2. Vivacious Video

The aforementioned Futures Park continues to be a destination for those seeking the latest in bleeding-edge video technology, notably 8K. A can’t-miss there is NHK’s 8K theater featuring an 88-inch “sheet- type OLED” consumer-oriented display.

It shows a video loop that includes scenes from the Palace of Versailles. As if the programming wasn’t eye-catching enough, the display itself is stupefying. It is incredibly thin — seemingly little more than a large plate of glass with some electronics glued to the back.

3. Driving the Future

Also in the Futures Park is a Maserati with an ATSC 3.0-capable dashboard. The whole front panel of the car console is available for video content: car information, navigation, infotainment and commercials (that can be geolocationally triggered, according to information at the Korea UHD booth).

4. Dashboard of the Future

Definitely check out the In-Vehicle Experience area in the hall. There you’ll find offerings, demos and predictions of what the car dashboard of the future, near and far, might look like. Think voice command, AI, hybrid OTA+IP radio, Next Gen TV and more.

5. Console Cornucopia

And there is plenty more to the show than incredible video and nifty car displays. Audio is hot, if you haven’t noticed, and radio is part of that trend. A highlight for radio technologists is the the large number of increasingly sophisticated consoles and audio surfaces from companies like Arrakis, Telos Alliance, Logitek, SAS and Wheatstone.