Five Things That Caught My Eye South Lower Hall

This three-dimensional video mask is certainly an attention-getter at the DesignLED Technology exhibit.This three-dimensional video mask is certainly an attention-getter at the DesignLED Technology exhibit.

The LVCC’s cavernous South Hall is home to both established and “new kid on the block” exhibitors at NAB Show. As ever, show attendees who stop by won’t be disappointed in terms of eye-catching displays and technologies. Look for these attention-getters as you stroll through South Lower.

1. Trade Show Magic

Other than a money giveaway, there’s nothing like a magician demonstrating his mystical powers to grab attention and stop passersby. The Amazing Scott Tokar is doing just this at the Dell Technologies booth (SL8011).

While he doesn’t give away the $100 bill he conjured from a $1 greenback, he does bestow blue polka-dotted socks on his audience at the end of the show.

2. Now in Rotation

In this age of black boxes and software-driven technologies, some of us miss technologies with moving parts. There’s quite a bit of rotary movement going on at Atempo’s booth (SL8824), with two Lasergraphics ScanStations scanning film content in high resolutions for repurposing and archiving.

3. You’ll Get A Big Head

South Lower is also home to a different sort of movement—the kind found on big, beautiful, bright and colorful action video displays. One of the most unusual this time around can be found at the DesignLED Technology Co. booth (SL12613), where visitors will find some striking examples of what creative minds can do with LED panels. Leading the way into the exhibit space is a gigantic three-dimensional “face mask” that’s guaranteed to catch your eye.

4. 8K LED Video Walls + More

Leyard and Planar (SL9016) returned to the show this year with several large video walls that possess such resolution and clarity that you almost think you could step into the scenes being displayed.

5. Switch Flash

There are light shows of a different sort at the Veetronix booth (SL4405). These are the banks of very colorful illuminated switches the company produces. Their sequenced flashing is guaranteed to make you want to take a closer look.