Future-Smart Live Production From EVS

EVS stresses its commitment to live production, with advancements in established products and news in areas the vendor has more recently entered.

The EVS XT3 and XS live production servers now offer extended SuperMotion camera configurations (up to two Super- Motion 6x camera recordings with two additional recording and playout channels available). In addition,12 channels can be configured with full codec support, includ- ing XDCAM for studio operations with XT3 and XS Spotbox modes. In addition to 4K/UHD replay and zoom capabilities, the servers are IP-enabled.

EVS unveiled Ingest Funnel, a single front end that transforms, legalizes and masters all ingest formats — including files (MP4, MXF, AS-11, IMF, etc.), ENG sources, video feeds, tapes and IP streams from multiple sources — transforms them into ready-to-air, archive and post production formats, and delivers to storage.

The company also announced advancements to DYVI, proclaiming it a 4K-ready IP production switcher. DYVI features a distributed, scalable architecture that en- ables remote switching.

EVS has also made strides in the stadium- and home-based fan experience. The company continues to enhance experiences through FanCast, which delivers exclusive content to fans and displays throughout the stadium. Attendees can see FanCast at the FanZone in the EVS booth alongside partner Cisco.