Grass Valley Unveils 4K Slow-Mo LDX, IP Workflow

Grass Valley is bringing out a new long-lens 4K slow-mo LDX and a “glass-to-glass” IP workflow
among its list of debuts.

The new 4K LDX addresses two issues that Grass Valley President Marco Lopez said were
problematic in live 4K sports production: the inability to get close and slow down.

“We were hearing that existing 4K cameras have limited storytelling capability for sports,” he
said. “They have limited depth of field and zoom range. The LDX 86 has the same zoom range
and depth of field as HD cameras.”

The LDX 86 Universe is switchable between 6x (extreme-speed operation), 4K and HD via a
software license. It uses the Grass Valley Xensium-FT CMOS, and was introduced in conjunction
with the new K2 Dyno Universe, which does replay optimized for 6x and 4K in the same rack
space as an HD workflow.

On the IP transition, Lopez said Grass created a “glass-to-glass” IP production system that
incorporates both proprietary and generic routing from Cisco, HP and Arista, software-defined
networking and commercial off-the-shelf hardware. It is being demoed on the show flow in
booth SL206.