Harmonic Creates Virtual Spectrum

Harmonic pulled Spectrum out of the box this year with Spectrum X, a flexible software-based version
of the familiar sapphire blue server.

Spectrum X handles up to four channels, and supports SD, HD and UltraHD with an upgrade. It comes
in a 1RU chassis now, but will be part of a fully virtualized playout system down the road, Harmonic’s
Peter Alexander said. Harmonic is offering this future virtual migration via software licensing.

Spectrum X represents another component in Harmonic’s VOS platform, which leverages Harmonic
technology in Intel-equipped COTS hardware. The VOS platform now includes Spectrum X, Electra X
and ProMedia X. All demoed in the South Hall doing a live UltraHD feed in conjunction with SES and

The feed originates with a 4K camera outside the convention center feeding video to an SNG truck,
which bounces the video via satellite to the SES facility in Maryland, then back off the satellite to a 4.5
meter antenna in the South Hall. A cable headend located in the SES booth feeds a cable modem
attached  to a Sony Smart TV for display.

Harmonic has a similar setup in its booth, SU1210. Both live and on-demand UHD content are being