Healthy International Traffic on the Show Floor

The world’s largest electronic media show, NAB Show attracts audio, video and multimedia
professionals from all over the United States and the world.

With nearly 30 percent of the total attendance coming from overseas, the show is bound to
have a plethora of interesting new products and services to satisfy professional needs and
curiosity. NAB expects the largest international delegation to be from Brazil.

Every sector of the industry is well-represented: broadcast, digital media, film, entertainment,
telecom, post-production, education, houses of worship, advertising, military/government,
retail, security, sports, IT and more.

Navigating the show floor Monday morning was like trying to negotiate an early sale during
Black Friday. People could not wait to get in.

I spoke with Andy Stadheim, president of LineQ, which is the U.S. master distributor for
Barix, a company based in Zürich, Switzerland.

“It seems like it’s going to be very busy and a great show,” said Stadheim. “Here at the show
we are releasing the SoundScape device and a SoundScape portal for managing all of the
remote devices that we have been classically known for in the broadcast industry.”

Gino Canzano, technical support engineer at BW Broadcast, a U.K.-based company, said it is
his first NAB Show. “It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before.”

BW Broadcast is located just outside of London, and Canzano believes “it’s a good spot to be.
It’s a great way to connect with Europe, and also for shipping to America; we can ship there
overnight, which is great.”

Even this early in the show, the international attendance has made its presence known in full

“We’ve already got customers from Nepal who were here; we’ve got customers from Brazil
who were here,” said Canzano. “We are also expecting visitors from the U.K., from Australia,
New Zealand… from all over the world, really.”

Clarisse Modena, marketing and communications manager with French company Digigram,
agrees. “It’s already very busy, and we are happy to be in this area of the show floor. We have
lots of customers visiting us, and new potential clients as well.”

Digigram is a company that has been established in the industry for 30 years, and is known
for introducing the soundcard, enabling other companies to develop software for radio

“We are continuing with our innovations in audio-over-IP codecs,” said Modena. “We are
doing AES67 interoperability in all our products, and we are launching video over IP in 1RU.
This is the very first in the industry for this size.”

From attendees to exhibitors, the international presence has been an integral part of the NAB

“Right now we are celebrating the 46th anniversary of the foundation of Nautel, and I think
Nautel has 40+ years of participating at the NAB,” said Gerardo Vargas, Latin
America/Caribbean regional manager from Nautel, a Canadian AM, FM and TV transmitter