IABM Launches Endorsement Scheme for Industry Collaborative Groups

IABM is launching an initiative to promote collaboration among Industry Collaborative Groups (ICGs) within broadcast and media technology. The focus will be on solving industry issues, seizing opportunities and adopting standards and best practices.

To gain an IABM endorsement, applicants must meet a number of criteria, which ensures the organization’s work is beneficial to the endorsed group and the wider industry.

The endorsement criteria requires a group to be a non-profit that benefits the industry, not favor a commercial company, be non-partisan, have open standards, be open with the IABM, practice non-discriminatory membership and have free or reasonable membership fees.

Benefits of endorsement for the groups include regular IABM news updates and promotion of upcoming meetings to the entire membership, along with receiving demonstration space at exhibitions, invites to IABM engagements and expanded reach through IABM international offices. The opportunity to present papers at IABM technology events and conferences as well as technology expertise and administrative guidance from IABM is also included.