Imagine Lays Out IP Roadmap

Selenio One

Imagine has come to the 2017 NAB Show to showcase a potential roadmap for broadcasters looking to navigate the transition to IP, the cloud and virtualization. The goal is to clearly explain and clarify how these transformative processes can be managed technically, and what the real-world benefits are for broadcasters.

“On one hand, it’s here. You can implement this technology today,” said Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, chief marketing officer of Imagine Communications. But for facilities operating in the still-well-functioning world of an SDI infrastructure, making the flip takes a concerted plan of action.

For broadcasters, the transition to an IP-based facility needs to be about continuing education, including conversations about native vs. enabled cloud solutions. “We have built solutions that are natively cloud-ready so they will take advantage of the cloud’s scalability,” she said.

The company will also focus on the ways in which broadcasters are investing and working to stay relevant and invested in OTT.

The other trend making headlines before the NAB Show is the green light the industry has on adoption and implementation of Next Gen TV technology. This is a vital and exciting step for broadcasters, Connan-Lostanlen said. “They need to make sure from an end-to-end standpoint they can monetize IP bandwidth that is open to traditional broadcasters looking to localize content.”

The company also has an eye on workflow issues in the ad space. Imagine will show technologies that look at the monetization process as it relates to a content delivery network ecosystem and connects with dynamic ad insertion.

The company will also show a series of cloud solutions as well as new features within its Selenio One transcoding platform.

Imagine will also tease a new as-yet-unnamed product that addresses the processing of uncompressed UHD.