Industry Voices

The NAB Show Daily News asked a number of industry leaders to share their thoughts on technology trends with respect to the future of the media and entertainment industry. Here are some of their answers.

AMY DELOUISE, Director/Producer | DeLouise Enterprises LLC | Co-Host of #GalsNGear at NAB Show

“The most pressing issue is gender balance. As a founder of Women in Film & Video (DC)’s #GalsNGear program, in our third year hosting panels and demos at NAB Show, we are laser-focused on ensuring more women get both the training and the visibility for their work in the technical fields of our industry. Gender-balanced crews and management teams are within reach across all industry sectors, but we need everyone’s support to make it happen. … As a short-form content creator for live events, installations and the web, I’m most interested in the evolving world of VR and 360. It’s a powerful storytelling tool with a growing range of cameras, sound acquisition and design tools, and editing workflows. I’ll be looking at different levels of cameras so I can offer different budgets for my clients. But I’m also keen on any AI-enabled tools for managing all that media — that’s really where the rubber meets the road.”

JIM ROBINSON, Senior Supervising Producer of Digital Video, Digital Studios Manager | The Weather Co., an IBM Business

“As a digital publisher, we at The Weather Channel are constantly on the hunt for tools that are specific to our growing needs — from content licensing to proper management of assets. There’s a palpable movement towards new and creative tools around IP-based video production. I’m excited to see … what other developers are solving for digitally-led content creators. At The Weather Channel we run a fast-paced and nimble operation, so I’m always on the lookout for powerful and efficient editorial planning tools. The rise of user-generated content has presented a lot of production and coordination opportunities, and working in a breaking news environment means we need smart and intuitive ways to be able to quickly integrate that UGC material into our stories. We plan to introduce more live streaming content in The Weather Channel app this year, so I’m also looking for new tools that will help encourage fan engagement while continuing to deliver a comprehensive storytelling experience.”

ANDREW SHULKIND, Director of Imaging, Immersive Strategy | AI Data Creative Consultant

“There are a lot of trends and issues competing for attention right now! I’m most focused on the challenges and opportunities presented by interactive storytelling, virtual environments and a data-driven economy. Can we find greater efficiency in capture, workflow and delivery with machine learning algorithms? And how can we utilize all this data that is being collected to deliver targeted content and products to the audiences that need it? Something that isn’t being discussed nearly enough is how sometimes short-term ‘good enough’ solutions accumulate to erode our overall attitudes about quality. If we don’t safeguard a premium level of content from corruption, we will be awash in low-grade content that advertisers and consumers may not be willing to buy. … I’m closely following the benefits that blockchain technology presents for production, post and delivery. Both from a security standpoint and for democratizing who has access to large-scale, high-resolution rendering, there are some exciting possibilities.”

QAZI AHMED MATEEN, General Manager, Operation | FM100 Pakistan

“Radio is a very tactical medium in Pakistan. The proportion of capital expenditure on technical enhancement versus revenue generation is unbalanced, so constant research and development is required, keeping in mind a specific budget. This has become a challenge to cope with. All new technology offers something to be excited about, and as regards our station, we are looking forward to discovering cost-effective streaming hardware and audio processors.”