Leveraging Technology to Radio’s Advantage

Photo credit: iStockphoto/©Chesky_W

Today the Broadcast Management Conference will include the Digital Strategies Exchange for Radio (DSX4r), a one-day workshop beginning at 10:30 a.m., focused on the new technologies available for radio broadcasting. DSX4r also will offer recommendations for non-technical managers on how to leverage these new technologies to local radio’s advantage.

NAB Senior Director of New Media Technologies Skip Pizzi and Nielsen Managing Director Brad Kelly kick off the workshop, which is sponsored by Nielsen, with opening remarks.

“DSX4r provides a venue for forward- looking broadcasters to share ideas and learn new techniques for making radio current, and keeping listeners highly engaged,” said Pizzi. “It’s a fun, fast-paced day of exciting presentations, and should not be missed by anyone who makes modern radio.”

The topics covered during the DSX4r program are varied and range from podcasting to FM translators to digital advertising and sales strategies. Other topics include real-world success stories for radio, HD Radio updates, connected car, radio on video and using social media, among other issues.

After the brief opening the workshop will continue with “Adventures in Podcasting”. In this session the participants will learn what the podcast landscape currently looks like, what opportunities broadcasters have, what viable monetization models are being implemented and how programming for podcasts differs from on-air programming.

Another session that will review the current situation with FM translators, presented by Matthew McCormick, attorney at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, P.L.C. The session will provide a quick update on the updated regulations on the AM radio band, and how deals during the FM translator window have transpired.

Sales and advertising are today’s world, digital technology is ubiquitous and broadcasters need to learn and explore strategies that will help them stay relevant. The “Digital Advertising Strategies” and “Digital Sales — Real-World Success for Radio” sessions will focus on these issues and provide the tools that make digital products more successful for a radio station.

The afternoon brings sessions that will will learn news and updates about the Next- Radio hybrid radio platform, presented by NextRadio President Paul Brenner; and will learn what’s coming soon in the world of HD Radio, a session presented by HD Radio Senior Vice President Joe D’Angelo.

Mobile and Internet radio also are on the lineup. The connected car is in the minds of many broadcasters who wonder how connected cars are changing consumer thinking and the marketplace. Presenter John Ellis, founder and managing director of Ellis & Associates, will discuss how radio can best position itself to succeed in this environment. There will also be an update on recent developments and strategies on the iHeartRadio platform.

Radio and politics have a long history together. Now, however, social media has become a new member in this partnership. In “Using Social Media During Political Season” the attendees will learn practices and opportunities to take advantage of this medium.

Another topic increasing in popularity is radio on video. The session will discuss how stations are using video to expand their brand without breaking the bank.

NAB’s Pizzi will close the workshop at 4 p.m. with a tour of selected NAB Show exhibits.