Live Studio, Flying Cage and Sessions Are on the Show Floor

Along with the new products being showcased in exhibitor booths, attendees to the show floor will find several technology-focused pavilions with more exhibitors and some session offerings to add to their learning opportunities. Two pavilions are new to the show this year.

The Advanced Advertising Theater, located in the North Hall, will bring together the key technologies and leaders building a true cross screen advertising environment, allowing broadcasters, digital publishers, radio stations and multi-platform content creators to monetize their content and optimize their advertising client campaigns.

Back again this year in the Central Hall, the Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion includes an enclosed “flying cage” that gives you an up-close and personal look at this technology in action. A panel of industry experts — inclusive of broadcasters and exhibitors — will take you through all aspects of employing aerial technology. MultiCopter Warehouse and FirstCom Music are supporting sponsors.

The multiscreen viewing experience comes to life in Connected Media|IP, located in the South Upper Hall. This is the solutions destination that explores the underlying technologies enabling audiences to receive, discover and interact with content across any device, anywhere. It’s all about IP-focused technology including IPTV, OTT, mobile, social and the cloud. It’s all about consumer engagement and the rising importance of brandcasting. Through exhibits and a full seminar program, Connected Media|IP will provide you with the tools and knowledge to deliver the ultimate multiscreen audience experience.

The Futures Park, in the South Upper Hall, is a showcase of advanced projects, presented by NAB, powered by PILOT. It features demonstrations of high-tech media developments in progress, prototypes and products not yet available for sale, from academic, government and commercial research laboratories in the United States and around the world.

Stop by the Post|Production Campus in the South Upper Hall for the latest tips and tricks for content creators, from shoot to post. Curated in partnership with Future Media Concepts, this learning and networking area of the show floor will feature 30-minute sessions, presented by certified instructors, creative sessions by noted editors, “Ask the Expert” stations, daily raffles and birdsof- a-feather meetups.

SPROCKIT showcases a unique collection of market-ready startups on the verge of transforming the media and entertainment industry. Primed and ready to form partnerships, come interact with these pioneers who have been vetted by some of the industry’s leading media, entertainment and investment organizations to present at NAB Show.

Located in South Upper Hall, the StartUp Loft is the launching pad for the industry’s newly created companies. Get the first look at product and service offerings that have recently hit the market.

The StudioXperience, located in South Lower Hall, is where attendees can see the latest technologies from industry leaders being showcased and utilized as part of a live broadcast studio. If you’re interested in acquiring, transferring, creating, distributing or enjoying content on the latest platforms, stop by and engage in a personal conversation with the staff that will be manning more than 50 different demonstrations.

Visit the Virtual & Augmented Reality Pavilion in the North Hall to see how the world, as we know it, is changing. Get your hands on the latest augmented and virtual reality equipment and software. This new medium is impacting all aspects of filmmaking, storytelling, cameras, lighting, sound, production, special effects (VFX), editing, distribution, coding and consumption.

The pavilion features content producers and tech companies building the future and changing the way we consume information. The pavilion is sponsored by Technicolor and G-Technology. Located in the heart of the pavilion, Kaleidoscope and NAB Show will produce a three-day content showcase of the best cinematic experiences for virtual reality. The Kaleidoscope VR Showcase is presented by Jaunt.