NAB Show Addresses OTT TV Content Delivery

Stephan Richard

Welcome to the world of over-the-top television, or more often, just OTT.

The 2016 NAB Show is the perfect place to learn more about setting up an OTT delivery system for your content or improving what you may already have in place. Visitors to the Connected Media Pavilion will find plenty to see and do there, with exhibits and a full lineup of presentations to help understand the intricacies of OTT content delivery.

Stephan Richard, vice president of strategy and business development at Harmonic, will present Thursday’s session “Major Improvements in Latency Reduction for OTT Delivery,” which is especially timely as more and more content consumers are expecting their OTT viewing experiences to rival those from more conventional delivery systems.

“Today, it is becoming extremely important to have OTT and broadcast channels rendered as close as possible to each other in terms of latency for great user experience (live Twitter feed, second screen with secondary camera views, next-door neighbor watching a sports event on broadcast channel, etc.),” said Richard. “The common approach to use smaller segments decreases encoding efficiency. To alleviate this issue, and without waiting for the next codec specification after HEVC, we believe that ‘Open GOP’ techniques can be applied within the constraints of existing codecs, and especially decoders and players, so deployments can be envisioned with minimal work and [are available] for all client platforms.”

Steve Wong

Steve Wong

Monetization is just as much of a factor in OTT delivery as it is in more conventional ways of content distribution, and this is addressed in another Thursday morning presentation by Steve Wong, director of media and entertainment at Siemens Convergence Creators, and Bob Deutsch, founder and CEO of Brain-Sells LLC.

In describing the session “OTT & Big Data and Predictive Buyer Analytics,” Wong said that, “the world of media is changing by technology advancements in audience measurement, content creation, and social media. Over-the-top TV is the center of this revolution since only this end-to-end solution has the ability to pull viewers’ behavior and tie it to recommendations for content and advertisements.”

Bob Deutsch

Bob Deutsch

Wong’s comments were echoed by co-presenter Deutsch.“The current media landscape has created one fundamental change,” said Deutsch. “Before smartphones and pads, marketers related to people as captive and passive, and products were the only brands. Now, people are free and active, and everyone wants to be brands. The result — to succeed, marketers must now know about people as people and not just as consumers. OTT is part of the way forward.”

Another session of interest is “Supercharging ABR Streaming: Technology Advances to Improve Quality & Lower Bandwidth,” presented by Kumar Subramanian, CEO, MediaMelon Inc.

Kumar Subramanian

Kumar Subramanian

“Streaming over the Internet (OTT) represents huge opportunities for content distributors interested in reaching consumers across various screens and devices,” said Subramanian. “The ability to stream in premium quality, while containing streaming costs, is a key differentiator for such content distributors in attracting and retaining consumers.”

Subramanian will discuss technologies that reduce bandwidth requirements while speeding up delivery of content with higher visual quality — all without the need to change video formats or codecs. This year’s NAB Show also features a number of OTT product exhibitors. These include Siemens Convergence Creators, featuring the OTT SWIPE Video Engine that provides flexible and secure support for OTT content delivery, including subscriber management, ratings, reporting and analytics, monetization and more.

Also look for Appear TV’s Adaptive Bit-Rate (ABR) server while you’re on the show floor. The company has been busy extending its video delivery chain into OTT and has created this server especially for this new age of video.

“The ABR was designed from the ground up to be operator focused, highly efficient and very scalable,” said Carl Walter Holst, Appear TV’s CEO. “We are happy to demonstrate this new product and our other OTT solutions and answer attendee’s questions related to current and future trends at NAB 2016.”

Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE XT1000 is a high-density transcoder for live applications for DTH, DTTV, IPTV and cable services as well as Web TV and OTT service delivery. Through “pay as you grow” licensing, the ViBE XT1000 is suitable for rapid channel lineup expansion and for generating new OTT/multiscreen revenues.

Attendees will find pro ducts that support OTT delivery throughout all the NAB Show exhibit halls.