National TeleConsultants

National TeleConsultants will present a new media enterprise concept in collaboration with Kostow
Greenwood Architects at NAB Show.

“As audiences become accustomed to consuming an increasing amount of content across more
devices,  the pressure is really on content creators and distributors to ramp up their capabilities,”
said NTC Chief Technology Officer Eric Pohl.

Companies must anticipate what they’ll need to support operations in the next business cycle. In
response, NTC and KGA combined trends and advances in technologies and workflows with
workspace initiatives and space planning.

“[R]esearch has shown that new media enterprise concepts can significantly reduce the costs of
some highly technical facilities as compared to those that use traditional space and technology
designs,” said KGA Principal Michael Kostow. “These concepts also bring the added benefit of
‘future-proofing’ facilities because of their flexible design.“