NBC News to Standardize On Panasonic AVC-Ultra

Panasonic introduced a number of products targeting 4K, the cloud and ENG at its NAB Show press

John Baisley, senior vice president, Panasonic System Communications Company, opened the event
by announcing that NBCUniversal News Group has purchased AJ-PX5000 and AJPX270 camcorders
and AJ-PG50 field recorders for all NBC News programs. “The network has also invested in VariCam
35 for long-form projects and will also standardize on AVC-LongG as an acquisition and mezzanine
format,” he said.

Newly introduced products include the AGDVX200 4K large-sensor 4/3-inch handheld camcorder,
which will be available later this year for less than $5,000. Also new is the AK-UB300 4K multi-purpose
camera and AK-UC3000 4K-ready studio system.

Panasonic also announced the launch of P2 Cast, a cloud-based news production system that leverages
the network features of the company’s next-generation P2 HD camcorders with AVC-Ultra recording.
Also new is the AK-HC5000 studio camera, capable of high-speed output up to 200 fps, and AJ-PX380
1/3-inch AVC-Ultra shoulder-mount camcorder.

Baisley revealed that Cox Media Group has launched a group-wide upgrade for ENG with Panasonic’s
AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX800 and AJ-PX270, and Meredith Broadcast Group has purchased 30 AJ-PX800
AVC-Ultra shoulder-mounts for ENG operations at its Phoenix station, KTVK-TV.