New Tech Trends, New Pavilions

esportsNAB Show is launching a pavilion dedicated to esports.


In keeping with the 2019 theme “Every Story Starts Here,” NAB Show is offering new exhibit areas featuring stages with educational programs designed to take digital storytelling to a new level.

Open to all NAB Show attendees, the new exhibit hall destinations focus on advancements in AI and cloud capabilities, next-generation wireless technologies, autonomous vehicles and the growing esports market.

“When all is said and done, this business is about telling stories,” said Chris Brown, executive vice president of Conventions and Business Operations for NAB. “And NAB Show is the only event that provides exposure to the full array of technologies and techniques that enhance the storytelling process.”


Technologies garnering attention at the show will include AI and machine learning, a trend that one media executive likened to a technology that puts media companies light years ahead of those who have not yet invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Consider the transformation that’s already around us: TV viewers finding content with voice commands; that series of (sometimes) spot-on recommendations that show up in your streaming app; or the list of news stories compiled by an automated database.

Sessions planned for the AI + Cloud Campus stage include “Transforming Television With Artificial Intelligence,” which will offer information on the fundamentals of how AI is already at work in media companies and how it can be harnessed to drive growth.

The session “Voice Control and AI: Pushing the TV Experience Forward” will explore ways that voice-activated search, discovery and navigation are transforming the TV viewing process. But how do media companies take the next big step and ensure these search engines can handle queries that range from basic to complicated? Session participants will discuss the role descriptive metadata plays and how advanced technology can enable deep analysis of video content on a broad scale.

The pavilion is sponsored by AWS, Google Cloud, Harmonic, Sony and Vilynx.


At this new exhibit floor attraction, attendees can take a deep dive into today’s monetization strategies, see where live gaming and esports fit into their content models and brand-building initiatives, and connect with technology partners who are helping to bring massive esports audiences the action they crave.

The pavilion will feature a live gaming area, several exhibitors and a stage featuring a full slate of educational sessions.  The session “Game On: How 5G and Esports Will Radically Change the Playing Field for Service Providers” will look at how 5G promises to open the floodgates for a new influx of mobile, on-the-go gaming. As 5G works to eliminate the difficulties of cloud gaming, there are new opportunities for media companies to reimagine gaming.

The Esports Experience is sponsored by The Switch, Grass Valley, Akamai, Beasley XP, E-Blue E-Gear Distribution, IHSE USA and Active Entertainment.


It’s not just an idea anymore — 5G is upon us. As this next-gen wireless technology sits poised to reshape entire industries, none are more apt for disruption than media, entertainment and traditional content delivery models.

The Destination 5G stage will feature sessions like “Let the Games Begin: Streaming the US Open in 4K Over 5G” which will look at how MediaKind with its partners Ericsson, FOX Sports, AT&T and Intel came together to further drive a revolution in how video is created, distributed and consumed.

Destination 5G is sponsored by MediaKind, Verizon and Crown Castle.


More focus is also being given to the automobile via the new In-Vehicle Experience, which will showcase live demonstrations of connected car technology, voice activation and audio design, and the ways in which ATSC 3.0 and HD Radio are powering these autos.

It’s estimated that by 2020, nine out of 10 new cars will be connected to the internet, offering new entertainment experiences that bridge terrestrial and satellite radio and streaming services. This makes necessary intuitive search, discovery and personalization features, enabling drivers and passengers to connect to the music, news and sports content they want on demand.

Sessions on the pavilion stage will include “Creating a Seamless Entertainment UX in the Connected Car,” bringing together executives from the auto, radio and data worlds for a discussion on next-generation infotainment and how to deliver a seamless and safe in-car user experience.

The In-Vehicle Experience is sponsored by Xperi, Gaian Solutions, Audi and Access.


“Part of our goal this year is to enhance the ̔expo’ experience for attendees,” said Brown. “The focus is on providing more educational content right on the exhibit floor — mostly short-form — and to combine that with demos, exhibits or other experiences to create a unique, learning laboratory environment.”

Returning pavilions that offer attendees additional learning opportunities and the chance to see technologies from participating exhibitors are the Advanced Advertising Pavilion, Connected Media|IP, Facebook Live Video Solutions, Futures Park, IP Showcase, the Podcasting Pavilion, SPROCKIT and the StartUp Loft.

Another debut that affects the show floor will be the NAB Show Product of the Year Awards. The awards, selected by a panel of industry experts, will recognize the most significant and promising new products and technologies on display in 15 categories. Winners will be announced at a reception on April 10.