North Hall Looks to the Future

The North Hall is a familiar face to NAB Show vets. The hall still has a wide-open feel, and the
aisles were busy with traffic on this opening day.

As in the past, Evertz and Imagine Communications, part of the former Harris Broadcast, anchor
the main entrance. And both draw their crowds of clients and the curious.

The hall also features several of the larger radio/TV automation companies. Their new “solutions”
this year aim at programmatic advertising and figuring out how to serve the approaching
IP-delivered media world.

The hall houses the Connected Media|IP area, where presentations on the exploding world of
IP-delivered content were taking place. Not surprisingly, many related companies had set up
camp nearby. Larger, more-established networking companies were also scattered throughout
the hall — many hawking their IP technology and wares.

Much of the aisle conversation covers things that would have been inconceivable a few years ago.
It can range from high-end fiber-optic networking technology and hardware down to streaming
platforms for individual content consumers.

The North Hall also hosts the StartUp Loft, a gathering place for young companies just getting
their feet wet. It would be fun to check back with these attendees in 10 years’ time. NAB Show
attendees of 2025 will say, “I remember when they had just a small booth at the show… ”

Much the same can be said of another North Hall stablemate, SPROCKIT. These handpicked
companies are marketing technologies and ideas that might be part of future media ecosystems.

In a similar vein, the New Media Expo attempts to corral new content forms and their providers
— bloggers, Web TV, social media content developers and creators of content whose form defies
definition at the moment.

One of the stars of the North Hall is the NAB Labs Futures Park. Like its North Hall brethren, the
park deals in the future. Here are television technologies that will appear years from now. Included
are 3D technologies that use lightweight glasses not much different than a pair of sunglasses (styling:
1970s — I think Leonard Nimoy wore similar when he played Paris in “Mission:Impossible”).

The NAB Labs Futures Park also has the latest in 8K TV technology. Demos showed brighter, crisper
TV monitors while the 8K Theater had long lines waiting for the next show.