One Event, Many Companies

Bubble & Squeak Communications may well be the only industry PR/marketing firm to have its own
booth at NAB Show. B&S held a round-robin press breakfast Tuesday for several of its clients, a few
of which are listed here in no particular order.

General Dynamics Mediaware is showing the Mediaware Technology Matrix, which unites
Mediaware’s real-time stream processing technologies in a modular, scalable chassis that enables
high-quality video delivery over ASI and IP. Mediaware is also showing InStream, a frame-accurate
digital ad insertion solution and program splicing technology.

NewTek’s 3Play Mini is a lightweight, portable device that allows sports video producers to add
professional instant replay, slow motion, transition effects and other integrated production capabilities
to their shows.

• New interfaces in the latest version of Cambridge Imaging’s Imagen Enterprise Video Platform
simplify the way content owners can manage, archive and publish their content. Also new is an API
that allows third-parties to write apps to access or deliver content.

Digital Vision presented the latest versions of its image enhancement and restoration tools and
film/video processing systems, including the Nucoda color grading suite, Phoenix restoration software,
Thor image processor, the Golden Eye 4 film scanner and Loki, a refined image processing technology.

Stream TV Networks is a “3D without glasses” manufacturer that had an impressive demo at the
event. The company technology can transform an existing 2D video into an essentially live
stereoscopic product.

euNetworks, a provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, will shortly announce a major
European deal in the media industry. It owns and operates 13 fiber-based metropolitan city networks
in five countries, connected with a high-capacity intercity backbone covering 45 cities in 10 countries.