Outdoor Mobile Media Exhibits Shine in the Sun

Monday morning, between the Central and South Halls, the Outdoor Mobile Media exhibits were
warming in the Las Vegas sun. These are located on an important shortcut between the two halls,
which makes for good traffic and the occasional curious glance from someone not used to seeing
large production trailers, satellite dishes, ENG trucks and other large-form broadcasting

Meanwhile, interest was growing rapidly in the cool interior of the 38 Plex 4K production trailer at
the Gerling & Associates display. The mobile production facility was built as a “proof-of-concept” to
integrate 4K technology, said Peter Wehner, director of engineering for Gerling & Associates.

“There has been a lot of early interest in 4K,” Wehner said. “The goal of this truck is to show we can
do 4K with a workflow familiar to producers and broadcasters.”

Early on Monday, there were a number of people inside the 38 Plex 4K, and among the most eager
were other suppliers.

“Everybody in the truck seems to be from the competition now,” Wehner said, while admitting
that he would be checking out the competition himself soon.

Down the broad green walkway was a cornucopia of large and mobile broadcasting products. Nestled
among satellite dish and truck vendors was the Freefly Systems/Quadrocopter booth with an
impressive-looking unmanned aerial vehicle. Matt Ragan, a pilot/instructor with Quadcopter,
explained that it was a Freefly Systems Hexacopter Alta drone, with six propellers powering a
12-pound lift capability.

Ragan said one of the most significant recent improvements in drone technology is the ability of the
UAV to be easily programmed to follow a repeatable path, enabling retakes for film producers
looking to get just the right shot.

In today’s IP world, it might surprise a data network operator that there is an ongoing need for
satellite and microwave dishes of all sizes. At the Challenger Communications booth, Jill Sorgi
Reschke chatted with Mads Gronborg from Danish Broadcasting about his organization’s need for
satellite communications.

A little further down the aisle was NextMove, with a display of automated antenna alignment systems
for ENG and other broadcast mobile use. The NextMove LinkAlign-360FER is capable of positioning
an antenna by pointing to an onscreen map, as well as aligning to maximize signal level.

There was plenty more to see among the Outdoor Mobile Media exhibits, and it’s a great place to
experience Las Vegas’ famous sunshine.