Panasonic Touts 4K, Cloud Advances

Panasonic said it is well-positioned to take advantage of the call for 4K content having introduced its VariCam 35 at last year’s NAB Show. That full-frame sensor camera married the ability to shoot in 4K or 2K resolution with the VariCam look. A feature that may have been initially overlooked: a dual native sensitivity ISO setting, ISO800 and ISO5000.

Last year Panasonic introduced its ENG camcorder, the AJ-PX270, its first P2 HD handheld camcorder featuring AVC-ULTRA recording. The AJ-PX5000G, a full-sized camcorder introduced several months earlier, also supports AVC-ULTRA. Firmware updates have added to the PX5000G’s and PX270’s ability to speed breaking news video back to the studios.

The PX270 and PX5000G can live stream straight out of the camera over a network without any external encoders with very minimal delay.

Panasonic is launching its P2 Cast cloud-based production system, which is complementary to the network features in the AVC-ULTRA
cameras. The streaming camera and FTP capability is integrated
in this system, so when content is uploaded to the cloud, it’s available for review and edit, all in the cloud.

An advantage is the ability to move low-resolution proxy video off the camcorder in the field first, do a basic video sequence of the desired clips, and then allow the newsroom systems to pull back high-resolution video for air from the camera in the field.