Pointing in the Right Direction Via Destination NXT

Gain a glimpse of what the future has in store at a unique intersection — a crossing of technology advances in the home, at work and at play — that is debuting in the form of the Destination NXT Theater.

This new on-the-floor education program can be found in both the South and North Halls, but it’s in the northern location where you’ll find real-world examples of several innovations that are changing home, work and leisure experiences.

Take the smart fork that buzzes when you’re eating too fast or the egg carton with an LED sensor that guides you to select the freshest egg. How are media and entertainment companies tapping into the wealth of data that comes from those new opportunities?

Items beginning the discussion today may remind you a bit of the home you already wake up to every day — in-home assistants, connected heating/cooling devices, talking doorbells, even cups that analyze how much sugar is in your coffee. The session will delve deeper into how these innovations are changing the way families connect with one another.

The session “The Connected Home: Family Life & the Digital Hearth” will look at the way different in-home devices connecting to the internet are already influencing social connections, whether it’s the way our fridge can tell us we’re out of milk or the way a GPS tracker on the dog’s collar can tell our children it’s time to take the pup out for a walk.

If the most recent predictions are correct — that 50 billion separate devices will be connected to the web by the year 2020 — the time has come to get a better understanding of how these innovations are affecting the way we eat, play and connect with our families at home.

One of the important parts of that discussion is big data. There’s untapped influence to be harnessed in the data being collected from video and audio devices accessible in nearly every room of the home, from making viewing recommendations to micro-personalizing advertising pitches.

“Every aspect of the content business increasingly will be impacted by data, and the analytics and insights built on that data,” said Rick Ducey, managing director of the research firm BIA/Kelsey, when asked about the impact of big data analytics on the media and entertainment industry.

“Audience data, advertising data, content metadata, marketing data — all tied to developing smarter product roadmaps, smarter business models and smarter executions — will be tied to future success,” he said.

Tapping into the power of data will be the focus of sessions such as “Supersizing Social: Leveraging Identity, Research and Engagement Tools,” which will look at the way marketing is being transformed by data mined from social media platforms.

The power of big data winds its way through other Destination NXT North sessions, too, and for good reason. The SPROCKIT programs “Big Data & Big Brother” and “What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?” offer a firsthand look at how new tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies that rely on big data are changing content discovery tactics and audience development plans.

Other sessions, such as “Sports & Fans & Gamified Brands: Winning With Diversified Media,” look at how immersive data has allowed sponsors to extend advertising opportunities across all media platforms.

At NAB Show, broadcasters will want to look into new ways of using data to answer key questions, said Chris Wagner, executive vice president of marketing for NeuLion, who will be speaking about OTT and big data. They want to answer questions such as: What are “my most effective and profitable marketing channels and campaigns? Who are my most valuable customers and how do I find more of them?” he said.

The focus of the Destination NXT Theater in the South Upper Hall will be distribution, delivery and commerce with fast-moving presentations and short-form fireside chats.