P|PW Takes on Content Creation for Social Media

Credit: Getty Images/Hero Images


Post|Production World is back for its 16th consecutive year. Ben Kozuch, Future Media Concepts president and co-founder, said Post|Production World at NAB Show is the largest training event in the industry. It features more than 240 individual sessions and runs through Wednesday and is produced in partnership with FMC.

The conference is presented in parallel tracks covering subjects such as digital editing, motion graphics design, business sessions for creatives, live production workshops and more.

One new track being added is for directors of photography. The Tuesday session “Production Tips for Camera Operating” will consider what panel members have learned, what they wish they knew when they started their careers and their tips on getting the best shots.

Virtual and augmented reality are also new to P|PW. Today’s session “Directing 360° Video” will discuss new approaches to consider about how action is arranged and performed in front of the camera, as well as rethinking how and where a camera should be positioned and moved for spherical composition.

Social media will draw a lot of attention at P|PWorld, according to Kozuch. “There’s a lot to know about how to create content when you know that the viewers watch it on mobile, not just on the computer, but on a small screen where attention span is what it is. So you need to produce content accordingly to attract eyeballs. There will be all the technology you need to know — compression, closed captioning if needed, and so forth,” he said.

Social media has become an inescapable part of not only how to create but to market one’s expertise. Tuesday offers a panel discussion on social media and will feature strategies for individuals and tips on how to optimize a social media presence for business.

Wednesday features a keynote session with William Goldenberg, ACE. The session is an opportunity to gain story insights from an Oscar Award-winning editor. Goldenberg has edited 30+ films, including “Heat,” “Pleasantville,” “Gone Baby Gone,” “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Argo.” During this hour, Goldenberg will talk about the craft of story and scene and his struggles in the editing room; he will offer insights into his process as an editor.

Ultimately the production business is just that: a business. Kozuch said “We have what I would call the creative business track, which is basically about seeking legal advice for creatives, how to thrive in the industry, anywhere from the legal advice you need.

We also teach how freelancers can build themselves on social media, how to stay relevant with the information out there, what to read, where to go.”