PSAs Draw Attention to Our National Parks

The National Park Foundation (NPF), as the featured public service partner of the 2015 NAB Show,
is highlighting its “Find Your Park” campaign through its presence at the convention. The NPF is
the official charity of America’s national parks and related programs.

The “Find Your Park” PSAs, which celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the National
Park Service, will be featured in the NPF exhibit (booth L5) in the North Hall Lobby. The PSAs are
also available online at NAB Spot Center,, where radio and television
broadcasters can download the broadcast-quality PSAs for airing.

NPF encourages NAB Show attendees to visit the booth to learn more about America’s national parks
and share their stories.

NPF1“The NPF campaign highlights the connection that American families
have with national parks in their communities and across the country,”
said Dennis Wharton, NAB executive vice president, Communications.
“Television and radio stations also connect with local communities in
meaningful ways, providing a lifeline in times of emergency, raising
money  for charities and communicating important messages such as
this one  intended to draw attention to our country’s stunningly
beautiful  national parks.”

But this PSA campaign is heralding much more than just the birthday
party of the National Park Service.

“The full breadth and depth of this campaign is really massive,” said Dan
Wenk, interim president of the National Park Foundation.
“This centennial observation is going to  prove a catalytic moment to
launch  the next 100 years of the National Park Service’s work.”

In the face of destruction from earthquakes and oil spills and the disappearance of historic and
national cultural treasures, the mission of the National Park Foundation is to raise private funds
that directly aid, support and enrich the more than 400 national parks and their services that
embellish the beauty of our country.

The National Park Service was created by Congress within the U. S. Department of the Interior on
August 25, 1916, with the passing of the National Park Service Organic Act.

Today, with almost 22,000 employees, the National Park Service is delegated by the Secretary of the
Interior to oversee 407 physical properties owned or administered by the NPS, of which 59 are
designated national parks.

The centennial celebration of the NPS will kick off on January 1, 2016, during the Pasadena
Tournament of Roses Parade when the theme of the annual march down Colorado Blvd. will be
“Find Your Adventure.” Then, throughout the year, the NPF will encourage Americans to value this
national asset through the  airing of a series of PSAs.

“Our digital hub for this campaign will be,” said Marjorie Hall, vice
president communications, NPF, “where we will be asking people with a passion for the National
Parks to submit their stories, their memories, their recollections of adventures in these wonderful
indoor and outdoor areas. These can be anything from videos and audio recordings to pictures,
poems or songs.”

Ultimately, this “Find Your Park” campaign, which launched April 2, will be used as the foundation
of a gallery containing national park inspirations where people can be introduced to these amazing
places and what they represent to the visitors already engaged with them. Both the places and the
people who have enjoyed them have left a heritage from which all Americans can benefit.

The problem, Hall said, is that the supporting organization, the National Park Foundation as the
official national charity for the service, receives no federal funds. It is supported entirely by private

“NAB represents a community of content creators and broadcasters,” she said, “and we are hoping
they will amplify our message. In addition, any contributions in either funding or content will be
greatly appreciated by our foundation. This campaign is a call to action to support the future of one
of our country’s richest national resources that is there for all of us to enjoy.”