Putting Stock in Financial Experts

The movers and shakers in the media finance industry once again will be on stage and ready for NAB Show attendees to tap into their vast knowledge and big-picture outlook as the industry reconvenes to examine current trends.

The Media Finance and Investment Program returns this year with four years under its belt and a trail of success stories and industry connections to go along with it.

“We delve into the operating strategies of companies and how that affects stocks and affects the capital markets related to media companies,” said Michael Kupinski, managing director, media and entertainment, for Noble Capital Markets, a sponsor of this year’s conference.

The all-day Tuesday conference combines high-profile sessions with smaller, more intimate chats throughout the jam-packed day.

“We have thought-leaders and people from the regulatory side — FCC commissioners — and the new age of technology such as artificial intelligence and programmatic advertising, which the TV industry is still trying to break into,” Kupinski said.

The 11:30 a.m. session “How Programmatic Is Coming to TV” will discuss programmatic advertising and how the television industry is taking advantage of this trend.

The session will be followed by “How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Advertising Industry,” which will focus on the use of AI technology. Marketers are experimenting with AI in the areas of programmatic advertising, customer acquisition, campaign optimization and multichannel communication.

“We’re looking at various aspects of the media landscape and how public companies are navigating and positioning their companies as they go forward,” Kupinski said. “We’ll look at how they view the world and what their plans are to operate and navigate in that environment.”

Christopher Young, executive vice president, CFO and treasurer of Spanish-language broadcaster Entravision, said he has presented at every Media Finance and Investment Program conference. The conference and Noble Capital Markets draw in a unique investor base, he said.

“It’s been a great way for me to build out a shareholder base that’s gotten pretty diverse over time,” Young said. The conference last year was well-attended and his presentations generally cover all the hot-button issues in the industry and how that relates to Entravision in particular, he said.

“The ultimate goal is that if we have a story that’s compelling from an investor point of view, we have to make sure that point is driven home,” Young said.

Broadcast companies will be represented as panelists, Kupinski said, in addition to the publishing company tronc, formerly known as Tribune Publishing.

“Many of the media companies are all pursuing digital media strategies, so it’s important to understand what others are doing in the industry,” Kupinski said.

Kupinski stressed that the confluence of all these industry leaders helps attendees navigate the changing financial media landscape over the next several years.

“These are the people who you want to hear from in terms of what their strategies are,” he said. “People want to understand where these companies are seeking talent, where they’re investing and how they are positioning to operate in the future.”