Quantum Makes the Case for Smart Storage

It’s all about workflow for San Jose, Calif.-based storage specialist Quantum.

The strategy netted Quantum $30 million in global revenue for scale-out storage last year — double
that of 2013, according to Geoff Stedman, senior vice president of Quantum’s StorNext Solutions.
Media and entertainment represents about two-thirds of the scale-out storage business, he said.

Quantum started exclusively in software and now embeds it into storage platforms. The result is a
sort of responsive object-based storage that serves up assets on a dime. This “smart” architecture
— epitomized in StorNext and Lattus platforms — provides a more efficient way to archive large
media libraries, according to Tom Coughlin, a storage technology analyst. He said 500 TB of tier 1
storage can cost as much as $1.5 million a year. Dividing storage into two or three tiers and adding
integrated content management capability cuts the cost down to around $700,000.

Quantum’s Alex Grossman, vice president of media and entertainment, said Quantum also helps
clients connect the disparate pieces of their media architectures via StorNext Pro Solutions, which
are more or less turnkey systems that scale up to full facility capability.

Quantum is showing StorNext, Lattus and Q-Cloud Archive on the show floor.