Reporting From Lower South Hall

I’m back again in the LVCC’s South Hall, only this time I’m roaming the lower level. Again, my game
plan was to head for the rear of the exhibition space and work my way forward to check out new
products and, I hoped, meet some interesting people along the way. It didn’t take long.

Just seconds after I reached the rearmost booths, a smiling Katy Scott stepped out to greet me and
introduce me to her partner at axle Video, Jim Frantzreb. The company’s product, succinctly billed
as “radically simple media management,” is designed to help small- to medium-sized content
creation companies manage their products. This is a very fast-growing market, and axle is addressing
it with affordable and user-friendly management technology. I received a nice overview of the
product before parting ways and resuming my travels.

A few aisles over, a large video display caught my eye with the sort of color and contrast that make
it seem as if you can fall right in. The monitor was being demoed by SiliconCore Technology, which
specializes in high-resolution LED panels — typically about 18 inches square — according to Vice
President of Marketing and Special Projects Guy Russell. The panels are put together to create
custom displays to fit individual spaces and applications, with virtually no limit to the size and
geometry of displays achievable.

South Hall1While the display that had beckoned me was very
impressive, it was running at only 1080p. Guy
walked me around to the other side of the booth
to see a display several times larger and much more
pixel-dense, showing off 4K video. This was some
really breathtaking eye candy.

Reluctantly, I tore myself away from this UHD
“spectacular” and moved on toward the center of the
hall, where I encountered some young men dressed
in Scottish kilts who were attending NAB Show
as part of an initiative to feature British technology
companies. This promotional effort began about
12 years ago with just four small startup companies. The promotional entity, called tekUK, now
features some 30 businesses and is no longer limited to fledgling operations. The effort has been so
successful that a number of the initial businesses now have their own booths and are located
throughout the LVCC, with products and services ranging from satellite HPAs to public relations
and marketing.

By then it was time to head back to the press room. As I was making my way out of the hall, Snell’s
John Shike spotted me in the crowd and led me on a whirlwind tour of the Snell booth. There were
a lot of new products, but perhaps the most interesting is the latest iteration of the Pablo Rio color
and finishing system. This one is comfortable with resolutions from SD up to 8K. (Also impressive
was the monster Sharp 8K video display used to show off the Pablo. It weighs more than 1,000

South Lower has some really interesting things to see and some mighty nice folks there to tell you
about them. Be sure to include it in your NAB Show plans