Ross Combines the Creative With the Technical

Ross Video President Dave Ross opened the company’s NAB Show press conference talking about
brains, specifically how Ross helps customers succeed by understanding the creative (right side of the
brain), and the technical (the left). Ross spoke about how the company has ramped up its creative
services to complement its technology, creating a “whole brain” approach.

“When you put the whole brain, the right and left together,” Ross said, “you have something that
makes  Ross Video fairly special in the industry.”

For new products, Ross is launching Carbonite Black, a mid-level switcher between the Acuity
production  system and the company’s Carbonite switcher. Also new is Inception Live, a planning,
scheduling and live management tool for stadium game day and live event productions and Inception
v9, which expands the Ross browser-based newsroom to offer instant messaging and improved
customization. The XPression  graphics platform now includes XPression 4K, XPression Incoder and
XPression Clips and XPression  Studio with the Clip Server Option.

Ross also announced the acquisition of Rocket Surgery Design Services LLC, which specializes in the
design of broadcast and production motion graphics as well as alliances with WSI for weather graphics
and with Embrionix to develop openGear modules for IP transport.