SAM Focuses on HD, 4K and IP

SAM will debut Kula, a 1080p/4K-capable production switcher.

This year Snell Advanced Media (SAM) will debut new production switchers, finishing tools and standards conversion gear, among other solutions at its NAB Show booth this year.

This is the first NAB Show in which the newly named company—formerly known separately as industry stalwarts Quantel and Snell— will exhibit under the SAM banner.

SAM is principally focused on 4K and IP solutions that give broadcasters a clear migration path to both of these important technologies. Leading off its announcements is the new Kula, a 1080p/4K-capable production switcher available in 1- and 2M/E versions.

To handle different format requirements, Kula uses the company’s Format- Fusion3 signal processing technology to mix any format, up to and including 4K, thereby eliminating the need for external conversion equipment.

SAM also is showing its Kahuna production switchers, which are also suited to 4K, HD and IP environments, as well as its LiveTouch sports highlights system, built around the company’s latest 4K production servers that can be used for replay, slow-motion and editing.

The company will also show the newest version of its Sirius 800 integrated multiviewer, now shipping with Media Biometrics, a proprietary technology that generates signatures from video, audio and metadata and can be used for monitoring.

Also important this year is the company’s new IP-Edge offering, which is a technology that interfaces with all relevant SAM products to make them IP-capable.