Sennheiser Debuts AVX Digital Wireless System

Sennheiser is introducing its AVX digital wireless microphone system and digital recording clip
microphones for iOS system devices. The AVX System receiver plugs directly into the camera or other
XLR audio inputs, utilizes phantom power and adjusts automatically to the input device’s audio level
sensitivity. The transmitters, which come in handheld and bodypack versions, are frequency agile,
license-free and operate in the 1.9 GHz frequency range. The transmitters adjust audio levels
automatically and recharge with a micro USB input. Both systems (handheld and bodypack) will
sell for $899 and will be available in June.

In association with Apogee Systems, Sennheiser introduced the MKE 2 digital clip-on microphone
and the mobile recording ClipMic, which work with Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) version
8.0 or later. The systems use the familiar MKE 2 capsule powered by an Apogee analog/digital
converter;  they connect to Lightning connectors and can record 24-bit 96 kHz audio. Apogee designed
an  application called MetaRecorder (available from the App Store) to process the audio.

The company says it is studying the possibility of introducing an Android-compatible system in the