Six Things That Caught My Eye in the South Lower Hall

A presentation on virtual sets and sports graphics at Vizrt’s booth spilled out into the aisle.

The South Lower Hall will have your head in the cloud. Many different market segments are represented on the South Lower Hall exhibition floor — my impression is that South Lower is where you go to discuss what happens to your media once you create it. That’s where you want to be if you are interested in cloud storage, processing and distribution.

It’s a Toss-up
If you think your aim is pretty good, try the football toss at the Snell Advanced Media (SAM) booth. It’s harder than it looks, but this reporter was able to put the ball through one of the targets.

When We’re Good, We’re Very Good — When We’re Evil, We’re Better
That cat-like redhead dangling over the Silverdraft booth is actually a devil. If you stop by, ask to speak to Amy Gile, the Chief Evil Officer.

Traffic Stopper
A number of companies in the South Lower Hall give presentations that stop traffic in the aisles. The biggest pedestrian blockage I saw was at the Vizrt booth, where a virtual set and sports graphics presentation stopped dozens of attendees in their tracks.

Color Our World
Huge, spectacular, eye-catching displays are the feature to note at the Hunan Yestech booth. I can’t say that the colors are “natural,” but they definitely got my attention.

Is That 3D?
Zaxel Systems has a tiny booth with a big domed projection screen that shows an immersive and apparently 3D display. Called the zDome Projection System, it’s driven by a computer and four projectors, and it looks like you can reach in with your hand and pluck out a building.

Take a Stand for Comfort
If you suddenly realize that you’ve been on your feet all day, you’ll find the thickest, most foot-friendly carpet at Imagine Communications. There are plenty of close seconds scattered throughout the South Lower Hall, including Thinklogical, Promise Technology, Archion and G-Technology.