Sprockit Participants are Reshaping the Industry

At this year’s SPROCKIT Hub, NAB Show invites attendees to “see the innovations set to reshape the industry.” Located in the North Hall’s Innovation Pipeline, selected businesses as well as some alumni companies are available to show their wares.

Since its 2013 debut, SPROCKIT’s 150 chosen startups have raised nearly $1 billion, which is “a true testament of their market-proven ability to solve industry pain-points,” according to SPROCKIT founder and CEO Harry M. Glazer.

SPROCKIT’s corporate partners are Comcast, FOX Networks Group, Google, Hearst, Public Media Venture Group, Samsung NEXT, Tegna, Univision Communications Inc. and Verizon.

Some participating companies at NAB Show are:

6Connex provides global cloud-based software and services for enterprise online events.

Adoppler helps companies reduce the time to market for their in-house ad tech. Adoppler Trusted Marketplace is a platform for media buyers and sellers who wish to establish direct programmatic channels with their partners.

Advocado’s patented platform ends the battle of TV vs. digital and enables brands to activate cross-channel marketing and achieve campaign performance improvements of up to 400 percent.

Anzu.io integrates ads into gameplay in an intuitive manner to connect brands and people.

Applicaster allows users to develop media apps at scale through an innovative SaaS app that includes what you need to develop direct-to-consumer apps across phones, tablets, OTT and connected TV devices.

Burbio aggregates local school, government and community nonprofit event content and allows for easy management and distribution on web, mobile, email, TV and voice platforms.

Centriply combines digital audience data and location-based linear TV analytics, allowing for maximum KPI value when planning and selling ad time.

Cerebri AI analyzes consumer experience and quantifies brand commitment, allowing companies to propose next best actions for revenue growth.

CogniK is a software engineering firm that specializes in content discovery, personalized recommendation and personalized TV channels for media brands.

Countable provides a platform for audience engagement and retention, bringing Facebook-like features and functionality directly to properties and audience while maintaining brand control.

Crystal makes all ad inventory addressable by communicating frame-accurate timing signals and content metadata from a TV network to select cable, satellite and OTT operators. cut2it helps content owners acquire new multi-generation subscribers using patented synchronized engagement with virtually selected clips of media.

Didja-LocalBTV enables viewers to watch local TV stations on their smartphone or laptop, or by streaming to their TV.

FLOWICS provides an audience participation platform for broadcasters and media professionals to attract, retain and monetize audiences on all digital environments.

Folio Photonics Inc. is developing an optical data storage disc with 2 Terabyte capacity manufactured using a scalable, low-cost method.

iPowow USA Inc. offers a tool to give TV viewers the ability to interact with their favorite TV shows.

Mira Technologies enables businesses to display, update and manage content and applications across multiple screens from the cloud with a simple and secure HDMI stick.

Moonlighting provides an on-demand marketplace for freelancers, entrepreneurs and recruiters to efficiently find talent.

NGD Systems solves the issue of managing data growth, analytics and content delivery by creating an innovative computational storage solution—without the datacenter sprawl of racks, power and storage.

Pickaxe automates data science and AI-powered data analytics from various sources and provides clear business insights.

Plum Research is a global SVOD audience measurement provider to content owners, partnering with hardware manufacturers, software vendors and internet service providers to gather the device-agnostic picture of content consumption.

Social News Desk helps clients manage their social media efforts all from one place with curation tools and actionable analytics.

SSIMWAVE Inc. offers SSIMPLUS Live Monitor for viewer experience-based SSIM monitoring. Built for scale, it enables operators to create an end-to-end monitoring environment for QoE, QoS & regulatory compliance.

Streann Media’s SaaS platform empowers content providers with innovative distribution, engagement and monetization tools for the ultimate user experience.

Switcher Studio is a mobile live-editing video creation platform. It allows users to sync up to nine iOS devices for multi-camera streaming.

Sympli is an enterprise-grade, integrated collaboration and workflow platform for building digital products.

Tellyo offers a cloud-based video production platform that helps users quickly fulfill the needs of various content destinations across multiple channels.

The Q-Live Game Network has created a game show app where players can actually win money.

TradeCast.TV offers a SaaS platform solution for broadcasting content to as many screens as possible, all while remaining in control of viewer data.

Tru Optik features a platform that allows customers the ability to monetize and engage target audiences across OTT in a privacy compliant manner.

Wicket Labs’ Wicket Scorecard was designed to bridge the gap between siloed data and better decision-making based on data-driven, actionable insights and is designed to tell a story about a company’s video business from the data.

Wildmoka is a digital content creation platform provider.