Startups Take It to The Next Level With SPROCKIT

Now in its fifth year, SPROCKIT will showcase the startups selected to participate in SPROCKIT’s 2017 program. It will take place in the North Hall as part of Destination: NXT.

SPROCKIT features the most promising market-ready media and entertainment startups with proven products, customers and services; now they are ready to take it to the next level.

The companies convene throughout the year at SPROCKIT Sync, a series of daylong private forums where industry executives and entrepreneurs meet to collectively discuss new technologies that will advance the industry.

Since its launch in 2013, more than 100 emerging companies have participated in SPROCKIT, many of which have experienced successful funding rounds, partnerships and acquisitions.

“The 2017 cohort of SPROCKIT start-ups is amazing. Along with our industry-leading corporate partners, they are revolutionizing the future of the media and entertainment industry,” said SPROCKIT Founder and CEO Harry Glazer.

The startups invited to participate at NAB Show represent a variety of sectors with specific solutions for applications in areas such as advertising, analytics, mobile content production and content delivery. The group of startups joining the 2017 SPROCKIT program include:

City Spark is a digital content and software service that uses proprietary technology to provide media companies with comprehensive local event listings and effective monetization tools.

CogniK is a cloud-based personalized content distribution platform that allows publishers to seamlessly personalize connections between individual content and audiences.

DivvyCloud is a unified cloud management and automation technology.

dotstudioPRO enables companies and network partners to deliver content directly to consumers via websites and branded applications and across OTT platforms.

Elastic Media drives additional revenue and reduces costs for major media companies. Created using a combination of deep learning and native gesture controls, it is responsive to each user’s engagement and tailored to each of their devices.

Epidemic Sound offers a global direct license that enables media companies to easily distribute content across all platforms.

Ex Machina develops apps and multiscreen strategies for media companies and advertisers seeking engagement solutions for TV programs and live streams.

Guidebox puts video apps in front of users when they are searching for content on AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast and more.

ICX Media is a digital video management and data analytics platform for media companies, brands, digital video producers and creators.

Livescale allows content creators to broadcast livestreams to any web, app and most social media platforms simultaneously.

NGCodec is creator of RealityCodec, a compressor-decompressor technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality cloud encoding applications.

Pixability provides advanced audience targeting and insights, simplified campaign management and complete reporting across social video platforms.

Quintype’s smart CMS allows clients to create content easily across mobile, social and desktop, and provides the means to engage and derive insights from specific audiences.

Streamroot enables content providers to offer better-quality video while improving the economics of OTT delivery.

Tradecast.TV introduces the only endto-end solution for easily managing, distributing and monetizing individual interactive TV channels and broadcasting networks, including a cloud-based linear TV channel and countless on-demand, VOD/OTT and live broadcasting possibilities.

Transform Inc. is a cloud-based big data analytics platform designed specifically for enterprise revenue acceleration.

Valossa is AI-powered video analysis for content discovery and monetization.

Verse is a free and interactive video platform that empowers creators.

Vertebrae’s native solutions bring the world of virtual and augmented reality advertising to brands. The headset-agnostic platform acts as a conduit and pipeline connecting advertisers with developers and publishers.

VoiceQ is an innovative software solution for post-production audio replacement.

Vydeo is a patent-pending platform and software development kit for third-party apps to interact with users via video.

Wildmoka allows broadcasters and content owners to clip individual moments from live TV and events and share them across web, mobile and social platforms.

YouFirst is a professional tool that utilizes machine learning, emotion detection and data report automatization to optimize video production.

ZPEG improves the performance of existing compressors as a workflow add-in without requiring costly infrastructure changes.

The companies were selected by industry leaders to participate based on their potential to offer real solutions to challenges in today’s evolving market that many established media and entertainment companies face.