Summit Presents Innovative Advertising Concepts

Television and radio ad sales departments, along with ad agencies and brands, have long-established systems for delivering audience ears and eyeballs to buyers of commercials. That’s remaining profitable at present.

But there are unfamiliar terminologies and technologies that are part of the background chatter, and these advertising professionals know they can’t ignore them.

To bring these new advertising concepts to life, GABBCON, in partnership with NAB Show, is presenting the Ad Innovation Lab and Executive Summit today and tomorrow. Separate registration is required for the summit.

Today the summit will deliver an immersive look into the companies involved in OTT (over the top content, which is delivered via the internet); addressable media and audience buying; data and artificial intelligence; drones, production and virtual reality and augmented reality.

“We will provide some real tangible and actionable insight that a delegate or attendee can immediately bring back to the office and apply to their day-to-day,” said Gabe Greenberg, producer of the event and GABBCON CEO. “So it really helps them identify some of the best emerging companies and opportunities and innovations that are around the television and radio ecosystems, and some tangible insights to make them actionable.”

He noted that lab organizers have curated the collection of 50 or so companies featured on Day One, so that attendees are able to talk with the best of the best in a more intimate and controlled environment than on the show floor.

“Day Two [Tuesday] is what we’re call- ing the executive summit,” said Greenberg. The idea is “to get the delegates out of their day-to-day and give them the opportunity to interact with and learn and hear from some of the world’s leading media and marketing thinkers, visionaries, strategists, brands and agencies. We’ve got some very high-end speakers.”

One presentation sure to draw attention is titled “I Don’t Even Watch TV; GenZ the Future of TV.” Members of GenZ were born in the years just before and just after the year 2,000, and are the first to have never known a time before the internet and social media.

The question is whether GenZs will watch traditional TV. Will this new generation be the spoiler for TV as we know it? In never-before-seen research, representatives from Hulu and Tremor Video will discuss the impact GenZ will have on the future of TV.

In the breakout session “Programmatic TV Doesn’t Work! Or Does It?” the viability of addressable and programmatic TV advertising will be explored. Some who study advertising think it’s nothing more than PR stunts. Representatives of agency DWA will present a case study and speak to the success they’ve had using addressable TV and programmatic TV.

Radio isn’t left out of Tuesday’s lineup. In the session “What’s That Box With Sound Coming Out of It Do?,” Gayle Troberman, iHeart CMO, will look at the material shifts radio and audio are making in the way they go to market and deliver innovation. She’ll make the argument that, contrary to the thinking that nobody listens to radio, the media channel is doing extremely well. She’ll also share her approaches to innovation and audience targeting as radio continues to evolve.