Super Session Taps ‘Broadcast Minds’

“It’s all about streaming to every- where from everywhere,” said Jim Louder- back, currently a venture partner at Wochit and former CEO of Revision3. Louderback, a former editor-in-chief of PC Magazine, will moderate today’s Super Session “New- Tek Presents Broadcast Minds: The Power to See Ahead.”

“Over the last 10 years we’ve been turn- ing every screen, every glowing rectangle in our lives, into a video playback device,” Louderback said. “Over the next 10 years it will be turning every location, every place in the world into a [studio] set and a stage. From anywhere to any screen — that’s one of the biggest trends I see playing out, and it’s on display at NAB Show this year.”

Participants include Al Roker, co-anchor of NBC’s “Today Show” and CEO/owner of Al Roker Entertainment, who said “Live streaming represents the bridge between ‘traditional’ media and social platforms. We call it ‘social broadcasting’… making every- one with a mobile device an in-the-moment reporter. Live streaming is now — unique, interactive, attention-grabbing, newsworthy and tailor made for a #FOMO [fear of miss- ing out] generation.”

Roker said as more people discover live streaming, “They’ll gravitate towards con- tent that interests them, which is why Roker Media is creating actual programming that people will want to watch and interact with.” Dave Shaw, another panel member, is vice president of production at NFL Media. He heads the league’s production planning, logistics and budget for the media group — including NFL Network and all its digital platforms — and oversees all production operations, engineering, master control operations, commercial traffic operation for NFL Network, and its numerous online venues.

“Content is still king, but the many distribution outlets require specific attention,” Shaw said. “There is still a large need for traditional long-form content carried on linear channels distributed on cable or satel- lite, and potential style adjustments on OTT channels seen over various video-streaming services seen on big and small screens.”

Shaw believes more style adjustments to shortened content on various social platforms are required, as well as separate-viewing production styles for the 360-degree environments of VR. “But it’s not that hard. For content like live sports and packaging around those games, production teams need to com- municate, and operations require pro-active planning.” Shaw’s advice: “Embrace the changes, adjust the new business models and let creative minds do their thing!”

San Antonio-based NewTek, the Super Session sponsor, says its Broadcast Minds concept is based on the belief that technology, social media and access to the internet are redefining what it means to be a “broadcaster.” The session is designed to allow creative media entrepreneurs to discuss the shift in the ways people consume television, to explore new ways to produce net- work-style television content and to engage in “the power to see ahead.”