Take a Tour to Learn More

Get the most out of your time on the show flow with the NAB Show Tours produced in partnership with StoryTech. Stops along the tour allow you to gain in-depth information about key exhibitors and the evolution of technologies that are relevant to your business.

Informative and entertaining, the tours will help you make sense of the show floor and the changes taking place in the industry.


Attendees can download the following free tours via the NAB Show 2016 App.


The 2016 NAB Show General Audio Tour will not only help you navigate the show floor, but also present you with the general trends happening in the industry and show the exhibitors and their products that are driving those trends. Designed for audio, video and IP professionals, the tour is fun and easy to use while learning about the latest in technology.

Advertising: AdTech, Big Data, Analytics and Content Technology continues to transform advertising and marketing making the whole business “smarter” as consumers and advertisers play a data-driven game of cat and mouse. Stops on this audio tour will showcase the technologies enabling targeting, programmatic buying, native advertising, production and a new content marketing revolution.


Augmented and virtual reality are businesses that seem to be moving at light speed across multiple verticals from gaming and entertainment to education, travel, architecture and engineering while requiring a whole new skillset. AR and VR are now part of the world of multiplatform production and distribution that is increasingly relying on data and the rise of new live streaming platforms. This tour covers the enabling technologies and trends.


Innovation drives the NAB Show. Where do you start your 2016 NAB Show floor experience? Begin it by attending this 30-minute overview “Decipher the Show” to help you discover the technologies relevant for you.

Offered Monday starting at 9:30 a.m. and Tuesday–Thursday starting at 8:30 a.m., this informative session covers the trends of 2016 driving the future of media and entertainment, the “geography” of the floor, and key highlights enabling you to derive the most value from your experience and navigate the digital world. Led by StoryTech, participants need to register for these sessions. The cost is $25.