Things That Caught My Eye South Upper Hall

The monitor wall at TAG is dazzling.The monitor wall at TAG is dazzling.

At 10 a.m. on Monday, NAB Show attendees poured into the South Upper Hall, quickly filling the aisles from front to back.

The hall features a wide range of exhibitors that generally fall into the categories of signal transport, storage, cloud applications and processing. Many of these exhibitors are familiar names, though many others are small and newer companies with big ideas looking to score in the rapidly changing world of content processing and delivery.

What caught my eye? Sometimes it was novel technology but often it was just whimsy.

1. No One Likes a Laggard

I was impressed with the zero-latency H.265 encoders/decoders at System-on-Chip Technologies (SU13604). Although only an HD signal was demonstrated when I was there, I was told that the same lack of latency applied to 4K and even 8K signals. Pretty nice!

2. Arachnophobia

If you are terrified of spiders, approach Decimator Design (SU4310) with care. The popular manufacturer of interfaces and processing products has a mammoth arachnid looming ominously over its booth. If you find yourself there and become lightheaded by the surprise of a giant, looming spider, the thick carpet will cushion your fall.

3. A Treat for the Feet

Decimator Design has not cornered the NAB Show market on cushy carpet. Your aching feet may enjoy a walk through several other booths with thick underfoot padding, including Avid (SU801), Advantech Corporation (SU10806) and Synamedia (SU10125). I’m sure you’ll be able to find several others as you explore.

4. Multiviewer Mania

There is something about a well-designed large-scale multiviewer installation that packs a visual punch. TAG (SU6521) has a fantastic multiviewer display that will stop attendees in their tracks.

5. It’s Not Really There, Is It?

Virtual studios are not new, but the presentation at Pixotope (exhibiting in the Future Group booth, SU12702) showed an eye-catching display of virtual backgrounds in a live environment. The aisle is a little narrow there, so be prepared to work your way through the crowd.

6. Above the Madding Crowd

At AWS (SU2202), take the stairs to the second floor aerie, where you can look out over the crowd in the AWS booth and nearby. It’s a little oasis up there, somehow quieter and more peaceful than it was just a dozen stairs below. I liked the terrariums on the coffee tables.

7. Content Done Right

We all watch video and listen to audio, and we know what high-quality audiovisual media is supposed to look and sound like, right? Step into Dolby’s booth (SU1702) and enter the small theater with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology. Now that is how it is done.

8. Give It a Shot

CenturyLink (SU5515) has set up a basketball shooting rig where you can sink a few buckets to take your mind off technology for a moment. But don’t take too long. People are waiting in line behind you.