Tours Reflect Industry Trends

NAB Show Floor Tours

With more than 1,700 exhibitors the NAB Show floor can be a bit daunting, not only to first-time attendees, but to show veterans as well. Back by popular demand are the NAB Show Floor Tours, planned and guided by StoryTech.

Identifying industry trends, StoryTech has planned and mapped physical and audio tours that allow them to showcase many exhibitors over a two-hour period.

For trends by crafting stories that reflect what’s happening in the industry and why it’s relevant,” said Lori Schwartz of StoryTech.

A tour participant commented on a previous tour: “I appreciated the way that you carefully selected companies to showcase and wove their offerings into a compelling and coherent view of the important trends in the market… The way that you bridged the worlds of media and advertising was uniquely valuable.”


Monday April 13 through Thursday, April 16 | 8:30 a.m.

This 30-minute “Decipher the Show” session will help you make the most of your time and discover the technologies relevant for you.

Innovation drives the NAB Show. Where do you start your 2015 NAB Show floor ex- perience? Begin it by attending this 30-minute overview. Offered at the start of each day this informative session covers the trends of 2015 driving the future of media and entertainment, the “geography” of the floor and key highlights enabling you to derive the most value from your experience and navigate the digital world. This briefing is best when paired with the General Tour” Self-guided Audio Tour, which is led by StoryTech. Price: $25


There’s nothing like touring the NAB Show floor with experts, having the chance to ask questions and even brainstorming solutions along the way. Once again NAB teams with StoryTech whose senior executive guides put the show floor in the context of your business, your projects and your future with an eye on the trends, insights and potential scenarios.


Tuesday, April 14 | 2:30–4:30 p.m.

Keeping up with the trends and changes in technology as well as audiences is essential when it comes to decision-making and mapping the future of your business, whether you run a content company, an agency, a technology company or a media company.

This tour for C-Level executives focuses on the products and services that will empower you to take advantage of the trends in technology, from multiplatform production to cloud-based services, and the trends in audiences and consumers from “anytime, anywhere” demands to data-driven customization. This is the tour that addresses the business of content and the bottom line. Price: $495


Tuesday, April 14 | 10:30–12:30 p.m.

What if technology could allow for an efficient reallocation of resources? The promise of the cloud allows for collaboration from creative to editing function and rules-based distribution across time and space. It brings down the cost of hardware, software and even upgrading. The move to IP cloud-enabled production is under- way and is inevitable.

This tour will focus on the tech tools for connected production in secure environments that maximizes efficiency and creates opportunities for traditional and new players in the evolving “vidcasting” world. Price: $495


Download in the myNAB Show Mobile App! Get the most out of your time on the show floor with the NAB Show Audio Tours produced in partnership with StoryTech. Stops along the tour allow you to gain in-depth information about key exhibitors and the evolution of technologies relevant to your business. Informative and entertaining, the tours help you make sense of the show floor and the changes taking place in the industry.

Are you a first-time attendee? We recommend that you register to attend one of the daily NAB Show Briefings held at 8:30 am, Monday, April 13–Thursday, April 16.


The 2015 NAB Show General Audio Tour will not only help you navigate the show floor, but also present you with the general trends happening in the industry and show the exhibitors and their products driving those trends. And, no matter what your business, this audio tour is fun and easy to use while learning about the latest in technology.


The production and distribution demands of multiplatform content touch every point on the content value chain. This guided audio tour is designed specifically for those seeking to understand, implement and maximize efficiencies in a multiplatform content world. Key stops on the tour will focus on exhibitor products and services that are leading and enabling the future of content.


Data drives the world. Every action, every reaction, every “conversation” creates data. Technology enables the content experiences that result in data. The entire content value chain is tagged. Consumers and their behaviors are profiled both in the aggregate and the specific.

These technologies are transforming advertising and marketing from targeting to retargeting to programmatic ad buying. Stops on this audio tour will showcase these enabling technologies and well as the role of data in customizing content experiences.


This tour is designed specifically for those who are working in the military and government sector. The stops on this tour will highlight those technologies that are enabling, integrating and streamlining the functions that are a necessary part of the military and government media value chain. These stops were selected by the planning committee for NAB Show’s Media Technologies for Military & Government Workshop.

StoryTech is a strategic consultancy, packaging and education firm dedicated to informed collaboration between storytellers, including brands and technology companies resulting in profitable business and content ventures.