Exhibitor News: Adder Technology

 Booth SL4227 Adder Technology introduces the ADDER- Link INFINITY 100T. The company says the ALIF100T is a Zero U, IP-based transmitter — requiring no rack space.

The ALIF100T USB-powered KVM trans- mitter is part of the ADDERLink Infinity solution. It can be retrofitted into existing infrastructure without recabling, moving computers or changing racking. It can be plugged straight into a computer like a dongle. Its small form factor is suitable for mo- bile trucks, and the ALIF100T also allows broadcasters to link remote units together to create a streamlined workspace.

The ADDERLink transmitter works with the ADDERLink INFINITY Manag- er (A.I.M.) and ADDERLink INFINITY receivers.

In addition, the ALIF100T uses 2 watts of power, which ensures less heat is generated and less cooling is required. The device can also be powered directly from USB, eliminating the need for power distribution units.