Exhibitors Bring Future Back to the Floor

Billed as the solutions destination for creating the ultimate multiscreen viewing experience, the Connected Media|IP Pavilion has become a signature destination on the show floor since it began in 2013. The pavilion lives up to expectations for 2018 with dozens of exhibitors and a busy education program that will discuss the future of IP-focused technology, ranging from IPTV to mobile, social to the cloud and any technologies in between.

“When we first started, it was more about the technology that enabled this type of service to be delivered and created,” said Neil Nixon, content and marketing director for BPL Broadcast Ltd. and one of the pavilion’s planners. “Now, it’s more about making the technology work in a mode for the consumer and also, in a business sense, for the content owner and service provider.”

Key to providing the latest information on the technology are the two seminar theaters that will serve as the stages for the three-day program of panels in the pavilion.

Among the offerings in the theaters will be company presentations; a daily keynote from pavilion sponsor Cisco; and presentations on topics that include machine-learning in broadcast, TV apps and focused looks at other TV trends. There also will be daily panel discussions that cover many of the hot topics impacting the industry.

Can’t get to a specific presentation or debate during the day? The Connected Media|IP Pavilion looks to cover all the bases for attendees; it will record the events in its Presentation Theater and then produce video segments on those presentations, which will be shared on the Connected Media|IP website and the Connected Media News website.

The participants in the panels also will have access to the videos to share as they see fit. In addition to the recorded content, there will be a studio on site where televised interviews will be conducted with exhibitors, speakers and industry leaders invited to participate.

Pavilion sponsor Cisco will be the largest exhibitor in the area and take the stage for a daily keynote.

The topics for these keynotes, according to Roger Sherwood and Bryan Bedford at Cisco, cover security, the IP transition and virtualization, with a specific focus on object storage for video and media.

More than 70 exhibitors join sponsors Cisco and Norigin Media as part of the pavilion. Among them are Broadpeak, Globecast, Switch Media, Amagi and Bitmovin.

Most of the exhibitors will have examples of their latest products that will help broadcasters move toward the IP future.

Bitmovin Vice President of Marketing Kieran Farr views the event as a gathering of its customers that fall under the connected media and IP umbrella, and a chance to affirm Bitmovin’s role in that environment.

Amagi co-founder Srinivasan KA had a broader take. “Connected is about the future,” he said, and feels people who visit are looking for the future, rather than just maintaining or continuing with status quo.

“What we do is we enable people to understand the business of making TV Everywhere work,” summarized Nixon. “We could be talking about storage, workflow, delivery solutions, discovery, recommendation, monetization, etc. But we tackle all of those issues and our exhibitors offer solutions to all of those issues that make the business of TV Everywhere work.”