Monetization Key at Destination NXT: SU

Destination NXT in the South Upper Hall is an on-floor pavilion with sessions and shorter spotlights running during most show hours beginning today and running through Thursday. The Destination NXT concept is an open theatre, accessible to anyone walking the show floor.

“In Destination NXT: South Upper we’ll have a broad range of topics organized around the monetization side of the industry,” said program producer Brett Harrison. “Subjects include OTT, IPTV, podcasting, sports and more.”

Content consists of multiple 30-minute sessions on a variety of subjects along with more than a dozen “Spotlights” that focus in on a topic for a quick overview in less than 10 minutes.

Today’s session “Multiplatform Distribution: The Challenges and Opportunities,” features Jeff Rosica, the recently appointed CEO of Avid. He will take a look at the ongoing, exponential growth in distribution options such as social media platforms to subscription and ad-supported OTT services.

“Video viewing has grown dramatically over the past decade, but with more platforms than ever before, this is spread across many more outlets and channels, making brand equity and relevance even more critical,” said Rosica. “This session will bring together industry leaders from some of the best-known media companies to discuss how they’re responding to a range of ever-growing content demands and capitalizing on opportunities to expose and extend their brands across multiple media outlets.”

Virtual reality is definitely a hot topic, even if it is quite new and generating as many questions as answers. Tuesday’s presentation “VR Experience and Applications for the Advertising Industry” should shed some light on the subject. The session features Alton Glass with GlassRock Experiential and Chris Bobotis from Adobe as co-presenters.

The session “The Super-Fan Journey: Using Social, Mobile & OTT to Segment & Monetize Sports TV,” also on Tuesday, takes on the important topic of making money.

Today’s sports fans have so many viewing options, but they’re also increasingly short on time. This session will address how social media, video games, mobile devices and OTT technologies are part of the problem,
and also part of the solution.

Presenter Brian Ring of Ring Digital LLC will share success stories showing how leagues and teams are segmenting audiences, developing unique products for each segment, and then wrapping those user experiences with appropriate monetization strategies.

“I’m excited to have fan engagement rock stars like Scott Kegley of the Minnesota Vikings and Paul Hodges of the San Francisco Giants on this panel to talk about these hot topics,” said Ring. “Bring your toughest
questions on making money with digital video and we’ll tackle them live and onstage.”

A Wednesday session is pulled right from the headlines. Facebook Live has emerged, and live streaming is now offered by YouTube, Amazon Twitch and Twitter Periscope.

“Live Streaming Today, Its Impact, and Where It’s Headed,” will be moderated Kim Owens, of Kaffeine Buzz. Panelists include John Petrocelli of Bulldog Digital Media; Anthony Danzi of Twitch; and Eddie Vaca from AmpLive.

“Live streaming is quickly emerging as an incredibly effective tool to inform, entertain and market in real time,” said Petrocelli. “Content creators, brands and platforms are executing and developing strategies that harness the incredible engagement power of live streaming … [The session] will discuss this exciting and evolving market for all stakeholders in the broadcast community.”

One Thursday highlight is the session “Making Video Content Shoppable and Data-Rich: Technology, Strategies and Examples.”

This session will address the concept of making video become more like the web — clickable, trackable and something that can convert viewers into buyers in the moment.

HapYak’s Kyle Morton will address three major technology options for adding interactivity to video, and share common tactics such as add-to-cart features, calls to action, hot spots and choosing your own adventure features that enable in-video shopping.