New Exhibitor Snapshots: Nikon, Remote Camera Technology & Speechmatics

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?

Booth C6019

Steve Heiner, Senior Technical Mgr.: “Visit Nikon at the NAB Show to see solutions for filmmakers and broadcasters including the versatile new D850, a DSLR capable of full-frame 4K UHD capture. The booth also features a demonstration of the latest in automated robotic capture technology from MRMC, a Nikon company.”

Remote Camera Technology
Booth N2631SUL-B (StartUp Loft)

Peter Desjardins, President: “We are showcasing a next-generation line of IP robotic camera control products that provide integrated camera vision control from vendors such as Grass Valley, Sony, ARRI and Panasonic. Our innovative and versatile devices make available the full range of shading, color correction and setup menu provided by the camera.”

Booth SU7813

Ian Firth, Vice President of Products: “With the world of broadcast striving toward greater accessibility for its audience, Speechmatics is launching its new Custom Dictionary to support real-time and pre-recorded applications. The dictionary enables the solution to be tailored at the click of a button. Captioning of online content, videos and live broadcast has never been easier or more accurate.”