New Exhibitor Snapshots: NEXCOM US, Backblaze & Omnistream

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?

Booth SU14014


Khang Pham, Marketing Mgr.: “NEXCOM NSA 3640 is a NXP QorIQ NFV solution that delivers up to 100 Gbps performance.

It leverages the 64-bit ARM v8-based LS-series processor to offload the entire virtual switching and service-chain into programmable hardware engines, freeing up the system to run larger density of virtual network functions.”

Booth SL10021

Andrew Klein, Director, Product Mktg.: “You’re paying too much to store your digital media files in the cloud.

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage can change that. Just $5/TB/month for storage and your video files are instantly available for download. No upload charges, no file delete charges and no hassle.”

Booth C1419

Hagay Avraham, CEO: “Our disruptive technology offers broadcasters and media enterprises a paradigm shift in engagement.

Through smartphones, we deliver a cellular uplink channel that reduces the costs of satellite broadcasting and eliminates the need for dedicated hardware.

Our OS-Pro is a cloud-based software solution for transmission of high-quality, live video, audio and data in real time, from anywhere with cellular coverage.”