New Exhibitor Snapshots: Quantiphi Inc., Skreens & Evergent

Q. What products or services are you showcasing?

Quantiphi Inc.
Booth N6813

Vivek Khemani, Co-Founder: “AthenasOwl (AO) is a cloud-delivered ‘smart content’ engine designed to help monetization of media content such as shows, sports, movies and news. AO leverages next-gen AI capabilities to provide granular content meta-tags at scale. Content studios, broadcasters, digital channels and advertisers use AthenasOwl to enhance content quality, repurpose existing content, efficiently manage compliance and sharpen targeting decisions.”

Booth C10839

Tommy Goodson, President: “The Skreens 4K Wall in a Box is a revolutionary device that creates dynamic UHD layouts combining content from different sources, such as cable or satellite boxes, computers, live cameras and more, all blended with live web pages and controlled via mobile, web or RESTful API.”

Booth SU11724

Crystal Gomez, Director, Sales Operations: “Evergent offers a Dynamic Offer Management Platform that makes it easy for global video service providers to truly differentiate their offerings to users. It provides thousands of options for keeping their customers engaged. The Product Management Module provides comprehensive flexibility creating content bundles, promotions, coupons, discounts, pricing and personalizing products.”