Pavilion Is Spot On for Advertisers

As advertisers walk the NAB Show floor and immerse themselves in groundbreaking technology and cutting-edge products, they are in the curious position of trying to find plausible ways to make money off these latest innovations.

The Advanced Advertising Pavilion once again will host exhibitors and demonstrations, providing advertisers a framework on how to be successful and monetize all this moving data and content.

RSG Media Systems Senior Vice President of Media Analytics Varun Poddar said the company is excited to discuss how to best utilize data sciences for quantifiable monetization of audiences.

While some view over-the-air television as a medium on the decline, Tuesday’s RSG Media Systems demo will focus on ways advertisers can profit. “Let’s Not Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water: Are We Giving Up on TV Too Soon?” will look at how advertisers can get the most from their existing investments in this traditional infrastructure.

“Are we employing the best tools available to maximize our return from TV audiences?” Poddar asked. “While we search for ways to establish the right currency for OTA and establish the correct metrics, TV ad sales still contribute upwards of $40 billion.”

Poddar said that, due to legacy principles of attribution and measurement, the industry is unable to develop best practices in the digital realm, such as census measurement and price discovery. “Given the constraints, how can we ensure that media owners are ensuring that audience delivery is maximized to the fullest extent possible?”

Another Tuesday session “Exploring a New Standard in Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification” pulls together industry leaders in asset identifying, including Paul Mears with Copperline Media; Glenn Reitmeier with NBCU; Harold Geller with AdID; Will Kreth with EIDR; Jane Clarke with CIMM; and Tristan De Kerautem with Kantar Media.

Jane Clarke, CEO and managing director of CIMM (Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement), will talk about the TAXI (Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification) Complete initiative, launched in 2013 to help establish a system for identifying entertainment and advertising assets across distribution platforms and for setting standards for multi-channel asset tracking.

During the afternoon demo, the participants will discuss the results of their concept pilot test of the open standard to bind Ad-ID and EIDR into video, using Kantar’s audio watermarking technology.

The core idea is to develop an open standard for binding asset identifiers to advertising and content so the identifiers remain embedded throughout the media distribution flow, Clarke said. TAXI Complete is moving on to the next step in the standardization process of the 24 TB Open Binding of IDs Drafting Group of SMPTE, Clarke said.

“The benefits of such an open standard range from greater efficiencies and cost savings throughout the cross media ecosystem to improvised workflows, to creating a foundation for the future of advanced advertising,” Clarke said.

A sizable group of other exhibitors will be located in the pavilion this year, including Alphonso Inc., a TV data company. A representative for the company said the Advanced Advertising Pavilion provides a natural filter for customers looking for solutions in advanced advertising.

“There’s a lot going on in TV ad measurement and attribution and analytics that we’re right in the center of,” said Alphonso Inc. Chief Marketing Officer Allen Bush. “We want to be where people are looking for that.”

Alphonso will showcase new ways to measure ads and provide attribution reporting at the local level, Bush said. The company’s systems will be able to offer very specific data on viewership, ad exposure and information on a competitor’s ad, too.

“You’re really giving local marketers a tool that’s never existed before,” Allen said. The Alphonso demo, “Myth Busters of Advanced TV Advertising,” is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. It will feature Mitch Oscar of HocusFocus, Brendan Condon of AdMore/REVShare, John Gee of Alphonso and Mike Zinsmeister of WideOrbit.

Videstra is another first-time exhibitor, showcasing its VestraView live camera and streaming video system. New this year are branded, sponsor-ready graphic overlays.

When combined with the company’s cloud sharing, live video content can be shared with advertisers, other group stations and partner media providers without interrupting workflow or staff.

“This gives broadcasters powerful news tools to attract advertisers and provide the advertisers news ways to communicate with their customers and clients,” said Steve Smedberg, chief revenue officer at Videstra. “The pavilion’s location in the heart of South Hall ensures great visibility with our target audience.”

Other exhibitors and demonstrations in the pavilion include IDenTV LLC,, MightyPages, Chetu Inc., NPAW—Nice People at Work, Peer 5, SAP Labs LLC, Tavant Technologies Inc. and ThinkAnalytics. Check the NAB schedule for the latest times and demo announcements.