The LTO Program

Booth SL10321  Formed by technology providers HPE, IBM and Quantum, the LTO Program is highlighting its scalable, adaptable open tape format developed to address data protection and

Designed to support workloads where information will remain unalterable, the LTO Ultrium format offers data encryption, WORM support, high-capacity (up to 30 TB per cartridge), speeds up to 750 MBps
(LTO-8 tape at 2.5:1 compressed) partitioning, and air gap protection against malicious attacks.
With low energy consumption, tape technology also provides organizations with a green alternative for the data center, delivering substantial TCO benefits, energy savings and ease of use with LTO technology
Linear Tape File System (LTFS).

The LTO program is offering an initialization capability for new LTO-7 cartridges used on LTO-8 drives, called LTO-7 Type M media, which allows a 50 percent increase in capacity over the capacity specified by the LTO 7 format.